Anger can be used for good

Now what I am saying ‘Anger can be used for good’.. Really !! or have I gone mad. Well may be or hopefully not. What I am sharing with you are my experiences only. As young kids (atleast that’s what our parents think of us) we are told not to do certain things which according to them might be harmful to you. Well I cannot say if everything they say is utter crap and that you should not listen to them but still a lot of times we feel that what they are saying is not entirely true and the stuff from which they want us to be distanced can actually help us in a lot of ways..

Well giving an example is the best way I can make you understand what is right or what may be wrong. But the end result will all depend on your choice of course. I firmly believe that life is all about choices that we make in life.

Now lets see… If you like painting a lot and also plan to make a career in it. Now what would you do. You would naturally try to tell your parents that you are good at one thing and painting gives you happiness. Well what might your parents say:-

1) Ya, Sure my son why not if it gives you happiness then why not.
But you should work hard in it because at the end of day you have to earn money through your profession to live a happy life Well this can happen and if it does or did for you then all the best in life.

2) Well son it is a good thing that you like painting. But it is a very difficult life.
Try pursuing art along with your studies and if it turns out that you get some good opportunities you can try them. Well this option is not as good as the other option but still you can continue to like your hobbies

3) I think you have lost your mind. YOU WANT TO PURSUE ART WHAT WERE YOU THINKING.
Really where do you get these ideas. I won’t let you spoil your life. Stop doing it and concentrate on your grades/marks. Then in a softer voice he would say ‘Son we have seen a lot of the world’ art isn’t a good option. You cannot earn a living out of this. Do what we say and you will have a good life.

WELL, too bad if you get the 3rd option. But in most cases you will. Well you are bound to get angry after that thought from parents. You feel like maybe it was better if you didn’t tell them. Well since you have got to live under the same roof as your parents you can’t help it a lot. You have to do what they say. Like they say it’s our way or the highway.. Well in this condition what are you to do.. Get angry and forget that you liked painting or get angry and try even harder. I guess the trying harder seems a good option.

Well it’s not like you should just neglect your studies because though very few chances might be that you could fail in painting though the chances are as good as negligible if you try harder. I suggest work hard. Don’t worry your anger would hep you to work hard. Continue painting as a hobby more than ever before. Put a part of your life into it and there are exactly ZERO percent changes that you will fail.

WELL, So you see anger can be good for you. It worked for me and I can say for sure it will work for
you..So long for today…


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