If you are not good at something after repeated tries quit trying!!

Now Now what did we learn from our elders, try try try and you will succeed. Well does this work. Let me tell you very frankly and honestly IT DOES!! And well let’s listen to a short story…


Once upon a time a king lost a battle and his kingdom and went into hiding in a cave in a dense forest. Days passed by, he just hid in the cave doing nothing, one day he saw a spider trying to climb a stretch through a single thread of its web. It tried to climb but fell down, it started to climb again but fell down again. All this time the king was watching the spiders. He thought that the spider might not climb up to the top, but to his amazement, the spider kept on trying to climb. It fell down nine times, but on the tenth time, it managed to climb up to the top. The king felt ashamed of himself and started to make [plans for his conquest again. He started to build his army declared war against those who took his kingdom away from him. He lost again. But he didn’t stop at that. He started to build up his army again. It’s said that he won exactly on the tenth time as the spider did.


Well success comes to those who are persistent. This statement is very true. But does this statement contradict today’s topic. The answer may be yes or may be no depending upon our choice. I have always said and will always continue to say life is all about the choices we make. Let me elaborate a bit more with my own example. Suppose I have 5 subjects to study in high school Communication Skills, Algebra, Physics, Chemistry, Programming in C. Out of these five subjects, I am good at four but not even remotely good at Algebra. I was never good at mathematics. Not once did I felt like I understand the subject. My father used to say try harder, try harder you can be good at mathematics. I studied mathematics all through my high school but was never good at it. Its not like I didn’t try but it never worked for me. For success to come a person must know his strengths and more so his weakness.


Many a times weakness can be countered and many a times not. It takes lots of strength and help to counter a weakness. Now enough moving here and there about the topic, lets come straight to the point. We live in 21st century, life is pretty fast as compared to the even 20 years before. Every day we are pitched to compete with everyone on various tasks. Along with all this, we have to keep up with our social lives too. Too much for a normal human huh??


I am not a philosopher, I cannot tell you what is right or wrong, But I can tell you what worked for me. I stopped concentrating on my weakness. I just kept so much time for them that it doesn’t get any worse. I started to concentrate more on my strength. It also gives you a feel good factor as you spend more time doing what you like, not what you don’t like. So always play with your strengths, do not concentrate on something which is beyond your comfort zone. Seriously you do not have the time for it.


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