Somehow whenever I see some new Javascript framework, most of them always have the same To-Do application as their showcase sample. If someone/ some company is going to build a new framework and going to tell me, we built an awesome framework you can do so much with that and then they go ahead and give me a sample of a To-Do application, anyone would be like meh!!

How difficult can a to-do application be that the said framework is going to make your life much easier.

Just wrote a small to-do app myself, it only needs 1 single line of javascript, yup you read that right.

All the things you need are –

  1. Text area for the To-do
  2. Button to add it.
  3. Checkbox to mark the todo complete.

The addtodo() function inside the <script> tag is what does all of this.

I feel designers, developers need to come up with something more innovative than a todo list app. Just saying!