A Typical Conversation Between Me & Myself..

Well, here is it, the conversation I had with myself. There are two persons in this conversations. Me and the inner voice.

Me : Tell me what I am supposed to do.

Myself : But you already, know what to do.

Me : But you know that I don’t want to do it.

Myself : Really, You think so.

Me : I mean I am not exactly sure, if I want to do it or not.

Myself : Tell me what would give you the most satisfaction.

Me : Well but I am not doing it for any satisfaction, You know this.

Myself : May be you are.

Me : No, I am sure. Well the only satisfaction, is knowing the end result, it might be the best option for me. I have figured out about the other alternaMyselfes too. But in the end this path would help me to reach where I want to, even if I don’t like the path.

Myself : I guess, you are having inhibitions about this path from the beginning only, then how are you going to achieve this.

Me : Its true that I don’t like the idea. I would have to play completely against my strengths. By far, I feel that it would be very difficult.

Myself : The end result would be ofcourse depend on what choice you make, but if you don’t make a correct choice now, your end result would be completely different than what you are hoping right now! Plus you have doubts about the plan you have chosen.

Me : know that right now my mind might be filled with endless doubts. If I should do it or not, Have I choosen the correct path or not, would I be able to pull it through, would the end justify the means, is it really worth to play against your strengths, would I have to leave everything I like. But there is something, which I guess would help me pull through.

Myself : And what may that be?

Me : guess you already know that…

Myself : Well if you are so sure of achieving your goal, then i guess, the ends would justify the means for you. Best of luck and remember your weaknesses will become your strength only if you respect them.

Me : will remember that.


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