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I am wondering

Why? always ?

sudo nano file_name
sudo apt-get install whatever
sudo apt-get install -f
sudo apt-get remove

Why not just!! Simplify.

Edit your ~/.bash_profile.

nano ~/.bash_profile

and add something like the following lines, which you use on a daily basis.

alias snano='sudo nano'
alias apt-update='sudo apt-get update'
alias apt-fix='sudo apt-get -f install'
alias apt-remove='sudo apt-get remove'

close and re-open it.

Now you can simply use apt-fix instead of typing sudo apt-get -f install

Life made simpler 🙂

MongoDB courseware

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Hi Guys, Long time no see. Just been busy with some stuff. Today I am going to talk a bit about MongoDB. Well its too much in news, these days, your clients wanting you to use it, people telling you about scalability factors, even if you are just bulding a food recipes site. sigh!

So I thought, I might as well jump onto the bandwagon to learn some mongodb as well. So like fortunately, I found out that 10gen the company behind mongodb is having an online courseware for learning mongodb. So I enrolled with it. Oh Well, yeah its in python, I ❤ ruby. so what? Let me try and have a series of blog posts, with similar code in ruby as is taught in class in the courseware in python. Hope you guys will learns something with me too.

Time to learn 🙂

Don’t forget to check the link

Sencha Touch. HTML5?

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Yo! whats up guys?

I have always felt UI/UX being an integral part of application development. What? Well not really if you are the developer of the ugly looking enterprise apps. Can’t help your poor souls though. But if you fall in the niche category, where you get to develop something cool! Lets talk about the ONGOING Sencha Touch – Are you HTML5 ready? contest. Sencha touch has been one of my favourites, ever since I first started with it, Now well, to be honest, I have always been a backend guy with developing core functionalities rather than making designs, designing UIs, dabbling on UX. But I always had this urge to make something that looks gorgeous and well yeah! which is kind of easy to make. So well, there are two of the more popular frameworks out there, one being jQuery Mobile and other being Sencha Touch built over the popular framework Ext/js, which has been there from sometime now.

Anyways – Contest to build HTML5 apps –>

They have kind of defined a few categories, though its not necessary for you to to stick to those categories, but they kind of make it established that you are in a better position to win if you keep within these categories –

  1. Weather
  2. To Do/Reminder
  3. Calculator
  4. Stocks
  5. Camera/Photos
  6. Calendar

Well, no ones stopping you though, you can create as long as it satisfies you, if it does, I guess, it should be good enough to win 🙂 so what brush up your javascript, brush up your MVC and start with it.

Guess I will make something up for the contest too 😛

OneWeek of Look, Learn and Enjoy

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Looks like for too long I have enjoyed being a NEET. Guess its time to move on and do something cool, Not to mention if I continue like this, I might starve to death! Just kidding. But well, Need to work and get a job asap, that atleast seems the need of the hour. So I am giving myself One Week for awesomeness.

Whats that going to do? One Week? awesomeness?

Well! A lot of jobs are out there for people like me but I don’t really want to join a BIG company or something like that, well the reason being – They pay less, atleast in India here, they do pay less and moreover even if they pay good, the thing is its too much of a dictator rule, I won’t be allowed to do stuff my way, I will just have to do what they want me to do, which is ofcourse not cool at all. So I guess, lets join a startup which is cool, growing, has motivated individuals and ofcourse which pays well. But well why would a startup take me, I do code, but I don’t really have anything that cool to show anyone.

So yeah! this is what its about One Week of awesomeness. Lets create something cool which can be shown to anyone and everyone!

I have always had this urge to create a complete suite for something, So yeah! thats what I am going to do. A web Application, A mobile Application and A desktop one too for an idea! Well these days Making a desktop application doesn’t really make that much sense, So I am still evaluating If I should make one or not. But well, I guess for now, the play is to make one, though ofcourse work on the desktop application is going to start at the end, First I need to complete the other two. So yeah thats the plan for now, Stay tuned as I develop My application, I am going to put the code on Github. So you can check the code as well as, I will deploy it on heroku, so you can check it out live. So do follow me on twitter for updates and enjoy the daily blog posts.

The Three Paths Each Person Gets

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Here, I am going to tell everyone about the three paths normally everyone gets. At least that’s what I
suppose are the most probable possibilities..

1) The Normal Path – Well nothing Topsy Turvy here. Everyone gets a life. may be you are rich, may be you are not. May be you are doing a job that is not that high – paying. But it is still a life. You are living peacefully. You might have problems here and there. But you will be able to solve everything eventually.

2) The life you always desired – This is what we call a dream. For most it remains just a dream and for few it turns into a reality. This is the path we always wanted, ever since we were kids. There used to be this feeling that we would grow up to be a particular something. We try to increase our knowledge & strength in that direction Fortunately enough, sometimes, we get the chance of realizing our dream. We get the chance of achieving something. We do what is necessary to achieve it. Since we have very few inhibitions about our dream. There are none reasons available that would stop us to achieve our goal.

When you love to do something, or like a particular subject, it becomes easier for you to accept and learn it. In a way, I can say that the phrase “playing to your strengths” applies here.

Fall-Out of the plan – Now how can this plan fail? Well in a few ways it can even if we move towards the path we like. Sometimes, we hope for too much, more than what is possible or better still feasible. Sometimes what we hope for might not be achievable. It could be due to numerous reasons. It can be due to excessive competition for which you might not be prepared, or it could be due to lack of resources.

Remember, many a times hope brings despair. So if I were you, I would rather first check if what i am devoting my time too is possible or not…

3) Does the end justify the means – May be true or may be not. Many a times in life you might be compelled to do something, which you might not like. Sometimes you might be forced to take a path which could change your life to a whole lot of new dimension.

Lets take an example: – If one of you wants to be a jewellery designer, but your parents want you to do a management course. What would you do in the circumstances. You know that whatever path you choose would change your life and you won’t be able to return for a fresh start. You know that you like jewellery design and are creative enough to pursue it, but you also know that a degree in management will enable you to earn a handsome salary and give you a better life. Which path would you choose?

1) You do what you like (jewellery design)

2) You do what you don’t like (management)

Knowing the end result might be better in the second one (well, I am just taking a single parameter in consideration here i.e. money) but there are a lot many other reasons too that would affect your choice.

So, does the end justify the means, like I always say, life depends only on the choices we make.
Before we make a choice, just clearly think about it.

You Can Live The Life Of Books In Characters

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Now this post is for all those people who like books and think that their life revolves around books. We look up towards the characters in the books we like and feel that they are like role models to us. We always feel like that wouldn’t it be nice if we could live the life of our favorite characters. For us they are perfect in all regards. We always want to relate to them in one way or another. They have the same characteristics as we have but they are perfect in our eyes. For example if I liked The famous Boy Who Lived — Harry Potter. I could relate to him in a way like that I am full of determination once I take up something or like I can go to any lengths for my friends.. or If I liked klaus baudelaire from Lemony Snicket A Series Of Unfortunate Events. I could relate to him in a way that he likes books and as he is I could shut myself in a room with just books around me and do nothing but read and read as I love nothing but books the most..

WELL, You too can live the life of characters in books.. Like if any of you love painting and one of your favorite books has a character who is a master painter. You can too be like him. May be he is also good at a few things ad you too want to be like him. Well, I have found out that it’s not very difficult to live such a life though you must not forget that everything about a character in a book might not be very good and so might you not be very good. But should you take all the trades of a character of a book ??? Well I am not the one who should give the answer to this question. It’s your life and ultimately you have to decide for yourself. As I always say Life is all about choices. Our future would only depend on the choices we make now. Books can help us make those choices. If clearly understood they can help you become a good person or the person who you always wanted to be.

Would you be just like the character in the book you like. Well you can be sure of that if you want to be. But the characters in books will always be your role-model. Or might your needs and approach towards life change and you might start to like a new book a new character. Well as they say the only constant is change. So I wish you luck and hope that you can live the life of characters in books as I am living…..Bye for now..

Making Friends Online Can Be More Fun Than Having Friends In Real World

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Hi! Everyone!! Hope You are like my posts.. Drop In some comments for me to understand more about life..

Well one can have lots of friends in real have as I have. But then whats the need of making friends online. Well, Let me present you with some options.

1) Well it’s as they say the IN thing. You have to be in some kind of social networking site. Have our own myspace page and socialize with people.

2) May be it is possible that the friends you have in real world don’t share the same interests as you do and they might think that you are uncool for liking a particular stuff. Well you know that they wouldn’t understand and according to me it’s best if you don’t tell them atleast that’s what I do.

Well many would not agree with me on this I guess. They would say that if they are really your friends they would understand and take you for what you are however weird they might think you are. Well thsi can happen a few times but for most of the times it won’t.

3) There can be times when you feel that sharing few of your secrets with your real world friends may or may not be a good idea. Here’s where the online friends come into picture. You can have friends that can have the same interests as you have and you can share your secrets with them in a more open way than you can with your school or college friends.

There are other benefits too of making online friends like you can always chat anonymously whenever you want. You don’t have to be afraid that your secrets might be told to someone who you don’t want to. There are other benefits too.

Remember forgetting real world friends for online friends is also not good coz ultimately you have to live with your real world friends only. Well you can create an exception if u like though.
So that was for today. Bye NOW!!!!

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