Coursera Courses

Hey guys!  wassup!!

I am free, yeah really free! coz it’s weekend 🙂

So planning to catch up on the coursera courses I have been attending.

Need to complete the 1st week of the rails course aaaanndddd the deadline is tomorrow.

Welcome to Ruby on Rails Web Services and Integration with MongoDB!

So off to studying 🙂 cya later 🙂




So I just felt like making something using Backbone.js, The usual idea being make a To-Do App, just to understand the framework, I thought, might as well, build a simple chat box around it.

Like always, I will use ruby on rails for my server side application, just in case, I feel like adding some nifty features at a later point in time 🙂

Let the coding begin, will add another post as soon as I am done with it 🙂

No Code!!!!

So Its been a month, I have been super busy with work @ office that I haven’t been getting any time to work on my side projects 😦 as a result. I am completely out of touch of the new happenings in Web World. Heck, I don’t even know, what is IOT 😛

Planning to stop working so much an concentrate more on the better stuff in life. Programming. yes plain old programming 🙂 need to start making stuff again.

Two things on my Mind. I haven’t been able to really grasp the advantages of Rails 4, so will spend some time looking at those and well BigData. Yes I know, I am late, but got to write some code and I do have some problem statements, that might have some bigdata applications.

will post frequently from now on. ciao