Where do we belong!

Hey guys!

Writing something down after a long time. I always get these urges to write something, but never do that due to lack of time or investing time in other worldly problems.

Of late, I have been thinking about the direction in which my career is heading. Even though I like my current job, understanding how large manufacturing companies work and implement oracle for them. However it is not entirely what I imagined myself to be doing when I was a kid.

Ofcourse when are are younger, we imagine us to be a lot of things, lots of dreams and then when you grow up, we stop chasing the dreams and start running to just get the things done in front of us. Somehow the tasks at our hand are too pressing and we forget what we always wanted.

All of us want to find our place in the world. Some find it, some make one and some just are happy with what they get. What if you are one of those, who have to make a place for yourself in the world and it is always there in the back of your mind. Even if you choose to ignore it, your sub conscious mind keeps on telling you, you don’t belong here. There are places you must go to and see for yourself, where you fit and if you don’t make a place for yourself. I have always loved Anime series. You get to learn a lot from them.

One of the Characters in the show Nanatsu no Taizai says, if I live long enough, maybe something will happen to me, I am waiting for that something to happen. We long for that something to happen, but it never might. We have very limited time in our hands and cannot wait an eternity for that moment. We have to work towards reaching that moment. We can only wish.

With that wish in my ghost, I will try to find the place where I belong.


The Three Paths Each Person Gets

Here, I am going to tell everyone about the three paths normally everyone gets. At least that’s what I
suppose are the most probable possibilities..

1) The Normal Path – Well nothing Topsy Turvy here. Everyone gets a life. may be you are rich, may be you are not. May be you are doing a job that is not that high – paying. But it is still a life. You are living peacefully. You might have problems here and there. But you will be able to solve everything eventually.

2) The life you always desired – This is what we call a dream. For most it remains just a dream and for few it turns into a reality. This is the path we always wanted, ever since we were kids. There used to be this feeling that we would grow up to be a particular something. We try to increase our knowledge & strength in that direction Fortunately enough, sometimes, we get the chance of realizing our dream. We get the chance of achieving something. We do what is necessary to achieve it. Since we have very few inhibitions about our dream. There are none reasons available that would stop us to achieve our goal.

When you love to do something, or like a particular subject, it becomes easier for you to accept and learn it. In a way, I can say that the phrase “playing to your strengths” applies here.

Fall-Out of the plan – Now how can this plan fail? Well in a few ways it can even if we move towards the path we like. Sometimes, we hope for too much, more than what is possible or better still feasible. Sometimes what we hope for might not be achievable. It could be due to numerous reasons. It can be due to excessive competition for which you might not be prepared, or it could be due to lack of resources.

Remember, many a times hope brings despair. So if I were you, I would rather first check if what i am devoting my time too is possible or not…

3) Does the end justify the means – May be true or may be not. Many a times in life you might be compelled to do something, which you might not like. Sometimes you might be forced to take a path which could change your life to a whole lot of new dimension.

Lets take an example: – If one of you wants to be a jewellery designer, but your parents want you to do a management course. What would you do in the circumstances. You know that whatever path you choose would change your life and you won’t be able to return for a fresh start. You know that you like jewellery design and are creative enough to pursue it, but you also know that a degree in management will enable you to earn a handsome salary and give you a better life. Which path would you choose?

1) You do what you like (jewellery design)

2) You do what you don’t like (management)

Knowing the end result might be better in the second one (well, I am just taking a single parameter in consideration here i.e. money) but there are a lot many other reasons too that would affect your choice.

So, does the end justify the means, like I always say, life depends only on the choices we make.
Before we make a choice, just clearly think about it.

You Can Live The Life Of Books In Characters

Now this post is for all those people who like books and think that their life revolves around books. We look up towards the characters in the books we like and feel that they are like role models to us. We always feel like that wouldn’t it be nice if we could live the life of our favorite characters. For us they are perfect in all regards. We always want to relate to them in one way or another. They have the same characteristics as we have but they are perfect in our eyes. For example if I liked The famous Boy Who Lived — Harry Potter. I could relate to him in a way like that I am full of determination once I take up something or like I can go to any lengths for my friends.. or If I liked klaus baudelaire from Lemony Snicket A Series Of Unfortunate Events. I could relate to him in a way that he likes books and as he is I could shut myself in a room with just books around me and do nothing but read and read as I love nothing but books the most..

WELL, You too can live the life of characters in books.. Like if any of you love painting and one of your favorite books has a character who is a master painter. You can too be like him. May be he is also good at a few things ad you too want to be like him. Well, I have found out that it’s not very difficult to live such a life though you must not forget that everything about a character in a book might not be very good and so might you not be very good. But should you take all the trades of a character of a book ??? Well I am not the one who should give the answer to this question. It’s your life and ultimately you have to decide for yourself. As I always say Life is all about choices. Our future would only depend on the choices we make now. Books can help us make those choices. If clearly understood they can help you become a good person or the person who you always wanted to be.

Would you be just like the character in the book you like. Well you can be sure of that if you want to be. But the characters in books will always be your role-model. Or might your needs and approach towards life change and you might start to like a new book a new character. Well as they say the only constant is change. So I wish you luck and hope that you can live the life of characters in books as I am living…..Bye for now..

Anger can be used for good

Now what I am saying ‘Anger can be used for good’.. Really !! or have I gone mad. Well may be or hopefully not. What I am sharing with you are my experiences only. As young kids (atleast that’s what our parents think of us) we are told not to do certain things which according to them might be harmful to you. Well I cannot say if everything they say is utter crap and that you should not listen to them but still a lot of times we feel that what they are saying is not entirely true and the stuff from which they want us to be distanced can actually help us in a lot of ways..

Well giving an example is the best way I can make you understand what is right or what may be wrong. But the end result will all depend on your choice of course. I firmly believe that life is all about choices that we make in life.

Now lets see… If you like painting a lot and also plan to make a career in it. Now what would you do. You would naturally try to tell your parents that you are good at one thing and painting gives you happiness. Well what might your parents say:-

1) Ya, Sure my son why not if it gives you happiness then why not.
But you should work hard in it because at the end of day you have to earn money through your profession to live a happy life Well this can happen and if it does or did for you then all the best in life.

2) Well son it is a good thing that you like painting. But it is a very difficult life.
Try pursuing art along with your studies and if it turns out that you get some good opportunities you can try them. Well this option is not as good as the other option but still you can continue to like your hobbies

3) I think you have lost your mind. YOU WANT TO PURSUE ART WHAT WERE YOU THINKING.
Really where do you get these ideas. I won’t let you spoil your life. Stop doing it and concentrate on your grades/marks. Then in a softer voice he would say ‘Son we have seen a lot of the world’ art isn’t a good option. You cannot earn a living out of this. Do what we say and you will have a good life.

WELL, too bad if you get the 3rd option. But in most cases you will. Well you are bound to get angry after that thought from parents. You feel like maybe it was better if you didn’t tell them. Well since you have got to live under the same roof as your parents you can’t help it a lot. You have to do what they say. Like they say it’s our way or the highway.. Well in this condition what are you to do.. Get angry and forget that you liked painting or get angry and try even harder. I guess the trying harder seems a good option.

Well it’s not like you should just neglect your studies because though very few chances might be that you could fail in painting though the chances are as good as negligible if you try harder. I suggest work hard. Don’t worry your anger would hep you to work hard. Continue painting as a hobby more than ever before. Put a part of your life into it and there are exactly ZERO percent changes that you will fail.

WELL, So you see anger can be good for you. It worked for me and I can say for sure it will work for
you..So long for today…

After A While People Start Taking You For Granted

Well I don’t know if this is exactly true or not. But a lot of times I have felt like that. Well I guess this happens to me a lot. Whether I am in college or at home i feel this way. May be once your acquaintances become your friends this is bound to happen.

When I am in college my friends wait for me to complete the assignments given to us on time so that they can copy them from me. Now I don’t mind showing them the work. But what is disheartening is that may be few of those are only my friends because of this or may be I am wrong on this one. Anyways, well they take it for granted that I will for sure complete the work in time for them to copy. Well anyways I have to do the work anyway. But isn’t it wrong on their part to not ask me if I would be able to do all the assignments (coz sometimes we do get a hell lot of assignments.) or atleast help me do any of those.

Well Things are not like this only in college. You can say I am a Geek of sorts and many friends or their friends come to my place or I have to go to their place for helping them if they have problems with their gadgets or computers. Well I don’t mind helping but I feel bad only when they ask me to help even if I have a lot of work to do.

Well does this happen to you guys also. But still you have to live with it. I just hope that my friends were a bit more understanding of me. Sometimes I too have work to do and may be sometimes I don’t feel like doing all the assignments.They should atleast ask me if I could help them with all the stuff.