Making Friends Online Can Be More Fun Than Having Friends In Real World

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Well one can have lots of friends in real have as I have. But then whats the need of making friends online. Well, Let me present you with some options.

1) Well it’s as they say the IN thing. You have to be in some kind of social networking site. Have our own myspace page and socialize with people.

2) May be it is possible that the friends you have in real world don’t share the same interests as you do and they might think that you are uncool for liking a particular stuff. Well you know that they wouldn’t understand and according to me it’s best if you don’t tell them atleast that’s what I do.

Well many would not agree with me on this I guess. They would say that if they are really your friends they would understand and take you for what you are however weird they might think you are. Well thsi can happen a few times but for most of the times it won’t.

3) There can be times when you feel that sharing few of your secrets with your real world friends may or may not be a good idea. Here’s where the online friends come into picture. You can have friends that can have the same interests as you have and you can share your secrets with them in a more open way than you can with your school or college friends.

There are other benefits too of making online friends like you can always chat anonymously whenever you want. You don’t have to be afraid that your secrets might be told to someone who you don’t want to. There are other benefits too.

Remember forgetting real world friends for online friends is also not good coz ultimately you have to live with your real world friends only. Well you can create an exception if u like though.
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