A Delay?

Yeah! sad at it is, I wasn’t able to write any code for OneWeek of Awesomeness (What’s it? Read here).


Well, its like, On Monday, I came to know that I had an interview on Thursday and didn’t want to miss the Interview and the job. Now that I think back, the interview was really very easy, except for some questions which I have no idea, how should I have answered them. Like one of them was.

What is the difference between :resource and :resources in rails.

hu hu :3 I have no bloody idea, what’s the difference.

Another of them was, How do you remove files from github?

I was like eh, Never deleted any files, IDK maybe just remove it locally and push the changes, that might remove it. So well, apparently you cant remove files that that, for that you got to use

git rm <—to remove

heh! I said, Never needed to delete3 any file, since I always worked with as minute branches as possible and only committed after it ran successfully.

Anyways, I had kind of three interviews, but then only the first one was technical, the other two were just discussions about my college life. Heck, I kind of told my third interviewer that I had a lot of trouble finding this office, since it was not in Google Maps. I SHOULDN’T have said that, since she is VP – operations Technology and India Operations. Man!! But well she was very nice, so I guess, its all cool. Nothing too much to bother about.

So well, I got the job, they are not paying me, what I asked for, but then, who cares, I will get enough money to make my own cosplay and not buy it from eBay, since the Anime Convention is in September this year, Gotta Cosplay!!

Anyways, the joining is from Tomorrow only, that’s Monday, 23rd July. I will keep on working on this OneWeek of Awesomeness and I guess, now it might stretch to 2-3 weeks, But it cannot be helped.

So well, stay tuned, First day of office tomorrow, I hope they don’t kick me out. ^_^


OneWeek of Look, Learn and Enjoy

Looks like for too long I have enjoyed being a NEET. Guess its time to move on and do something cool, Not to mention if I continue like this, I might starve to death! Just kidding. But well, Need to work and get a job asap, that atleast seems the need of the hour. So I am giving myself One Week for awesomeness.

Whats that going to do? One Week? awesomeness?

Well! A lot of jobs are out there for people like me but I don’t really want to join a BIG company or something like that, well the reason being – They pay less, atleast in India here, they do pay less and moreover even if they pay good, the thing is its too much of a dictator rule, I won’t be allowed to do stuff my way, I will just have to do what they want me to do, which is ofcourse not cool at all. So I guess, lets join a startup which is cool, growing, has motivated individuals and ofcourse which pays well. But well why would a startup take me, I do code, but I don’t really have anything that cool to show anyone.

So yeah! this is what its about One Week of awesomeness. Lets create something cool which can be shown to anyone and everyone!

I have always had this urge to create a complete suite for something, So yeah! thats what I am going to do. A web Application, A mobile Application and A desktop one too for an idea! Well these days Making a desktop application doesn’t really make that much sense, So I am still evaluating If I should make one or not. But well, I guess for now, the play is to make one, though ofcourse work on the desktop application is going to start at the end, First I need to complete the other two. So yeah thats the plan for now, Stay tuned as I develop My application, I am going to put the code on Github. So you can check the code as well as, I will deploy it on heroku, so you can check it out live. So do follow me on twitter for updates and enjoy the daily blog posts.