You Can Live The Life Of Books In Characters

Now this post is for all those people who like books and think that their life revolves around books. We look up towards the characters in the books we like and feel that they are like role models to us. We always feel like that wouldn’t it be nice if we could live the life of our favorite characters. For us they are perfect in all regards. We always want to relate to them in one way or another. They have the same characteristics as we have but they are perfect in our eyes. For example if I liked The famous Boy Who Lived — Harry Potter. I could relate to him in a way like that I am full of determination once I take up something or like I can go to any lengths for my friends.. or If I liked klaus baudelaire from Lemony Snicket A Series Of Unfortunate Events. I could relate to him in a way that he likes books and as he is I could shut myself in a room with just books around me and do nothing but read and read as I love nothing but books the most..

WELL, You too can live the life of characters in books.. Like if any of you love painting and one of your favorite books has a character who is a master painter. You can too be like him. May be he is also good at a few things ad you too want to be like him. Well, I have found out that it’s not very difficult to live such a life though you must not forget that everything about a character in a book might not be very good and so might you not be very good. But should you take all the trades of a character of a book ??? Well I am not the one who should give the answer to this question. It’s your life and ultimately you have to decide for yourself. As I always say Life is all about choices. Our future would only depend on the choices we make now. Books can help us make those choices. If clearly understood they can help you become a good person or the person who you always wanted to be.

Would you be just like the character in the book you like. Well you can be sure of that if you want to be. But the characters in books will always be your role-model. Or might your needs and approach towards life change and you might start to like a new book a new character. Well as they say the only constant is change. So I wish you luck and hope that you can live the life of characters in books as I am living…..Bye for now..